2P 63A Interruttore di Trasferimento Manuale MTS Interruttore MCB ~400V 50Hz

Tags: il potere di pedale, 3 interruttore palo, 2 poli interruttore, interruttore ac, fauna, interruttore di circuito, m55, mcb, modul ats (automatic transfer switch, genset automatic transfer switch.

  • Disponibile
  • w931

  • Tipo: Mini
  • Numero Di Modello: DZ47-63
  • Marca: CEMIG
  • Origine: CN(Origine)
  • È Un Dispositivo Smart: No

Sagidullina 2002
The one piece that we have received does not have the mechanical interlock is working / it is fully missing /. Therefore the delivered device is of no use to us, as a interlocking transfer switch. Do not know if it was due to manufacturing error or if it was due to unadequate packaging or postal service... but as the picture shows, the one device allows the impossible combination (both on), which is fatal for a transfer switch. We have bought only one piece.

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